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FAQ | Well Hatched


General Information

Well Hatched is a new way of getting hired - we give you the power to choose real-world insiders that will analyze your job application for a specific company, and help you understand its strengths and weaknesses.

You can pick & choose the type of analysis you need, giving you the insight necessary to optimize your application before officially submitting it.

Remember that your goal is to dazzle the hiring committee – feedback from our insiders will help you stand apart from all the rest; giving you the info needed to improve every single part of your job application.

Our network consists of experts from every field imaginable, from all across the globe, boasting a variety of academic & industry expertise. Well Hatched recruits only top experts & insiders. Insiders are luminaries in their respective fields with diverse connections. The strength & variety of our network is exactly why the Well Hatched system is so powerful; you pick & choose to best suit your specific needs.

Our service aims to arm you with better tools, and thereby grant you a competitive advantage over others. Analysis from Well Hatched insiders gives you multiple perspectives from INDEPENDENT voices: you get experienced insight from a variety of real people. While you’re not guaranteed to be hired, our analysis will give you the info needed to help you improve your application & improve your chances of getting the job.

We love LinkedIn. We simply build upon on the same networking principles & enhance them by connecting insiders that are actually PRIMED and ready to help. There's nothing worse than contacting a 2nd degree contact on LinkedIn that's obligated to respond to you because of a mutual contact, only to have them half-heartedly talk to you with vague advice. False positives take up valuable time!

Well Hatched gives...

Structure: an organized framework gives you the specific info you need
Reach: people that are outside your LinkedIn network
Motivated Insiders: people listed on the site have opted-in; they are here to help

Some of our users are only looking for analysis from a single Well Hatched insider, whereas others choose multiple experts to get a more well-rounded review. The more experts you choose, the more comprehensive the feedback.

Whether you choose 1 Well Hatched expert or 10, you’ll get the absolute best we have to offer; every bit of information will give you insight needed to help you improve your chances of landing that job.

Every expert has a different specialty & area of focus; which ones are right for you?

Well Hatched is a holistic system; companies only accept candidates with superlative applications that go far beyond a good resume. Companies evaluate applicants on multiple areas, so Well Hatched focuses on multiple areas; insiders can help you to get hired by improving every single part of your application.

Insiders may turn off their listings periodically; they may be unavailable for scheduling reasons, or too busy helping other users & unable to accept new requests. Your best chance is to request their services as soon as you are ready; even when an Insider listing is unactive, your request will be visible on their dashboard in the event that they become available.

We have signed-up over 200 insiders; however not all have will have an active profile on any given day. You'll need to browse the site to see who is available, and remember that new listings are added every week.

We're always on the lookout for talented people to be part of our team. If you’re passionate about startups & technology, send your resume to jobs [at]


Insider's FAQ

Users will request your help based on your profile & background. Once someone reaches out, you'll have a chance to review their information & decide whether or not to accept the request. You may be too busy to help, or the candidate might not fit your criteria. If you find that you are receiving too many request, you may turn off your listing at any time.